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Studio One Pensacola Professional Membership Agreement  

This Agreement, made this _____ Day of _________, 2009  between _____________________, hereafter referred to as "Member" and Studio One Pensacola, hereafter referred to as "Studio" provides Member access to and use of all Studio equipment and facilities on a first come, first served basis during previously scheduled sessions  approved by Studio at the premises described as 103 W. Intendencia  Street, Pensacola, FL, hereafter referred to as ďPremisesĒ, the terms and conditions herein set forth, subject to acceptance and execution by Member and Studio.

1. USE: The Premises will be used exclusively as a Photographic Studio. Member may, with the approval of Studio, display examples of their work and advertize their services on the Premises.  Member may store appropriate professional equipment on the premises for the term of the agreement. 

If any illegal activities, substances, materials, or objects are found on the Premises associated with Members use thereof, then this Agreement shall immediately be terminated, all Deposits forfeited, and Member shall vacate the Premises immediately.  

2. DESCRIPTION: A certain commercial  space at 103 W. Intendencia Street, Pensacola, Florida containing approximately 1100 square feet, common Studio equipment and facilities therein, and access to menís and womenís restrooms, and the hallway to the adjacent salon.

3. TERM: One (1) year commencing on __________and ending on _______________.

4. FEES: The fees for the Agreement term shall be $350.00 Dollars per month.  All monthly fees shall be payable in advance and without notice. All fees shall be paid by electronic funds transfer, or to Studio at PO Box 573 , Gulf Breeze, FL, 32562.

LATE FEE: Fees are due on the 1st of the month, and will be late after the 3rd. A late fee of $25.00 will be added after the 3rd day and $10.00 per day after that. 

Contemporaneously with the execution of the Agreement, Member agrees to pay the last month's fee ($350.00) in advance and shall also pay to Studio an amount equal to one months rent ($350.00) as security for the performance of Memberís obligations under this Agreement, that sum hereafter referred to as the "Deposit". The Deposit shall be returned to Member, without interest within 30 days after the Expiration Date: provided Member has fully performed hereunder and has vacated the premises and surrendered all keys. If the Member defaults in any of the provisions of the Agreement, Studio may, at its option, apply all or part of the Deposit for payment of any Fees, Charges, or other sums which Studio may be required to spend because of Memberís default (including any damages or deficiencies of the premises), and Member shall deposit with Studio the amount so applied so that Studio shall have the full Deposit on hand at all times during the term.



Studio:                                                            Member:


Studio One Pensacola            _________    _____________________________________
PO Box 573                               Date                Name                                                  Date
Gulf Breeze , FL 32562
                                                                            City, State, ZIP

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